HOUSTON … July 18, 2017 … Gorilla Safety, provider of an innovative, proprietary and patented software solution that fully automates all aspects of fleet and safety management, announced today the introduction of its telematics feature.

The new telematics feature provides fleets with deep intelligence into the detailed performance of all vehicles within the fleet. The tools offered by Gorilla Safety within its fully integrated fleet and safety mobile app, include helping fleets identify trucks that idle the most, thereby they are burning too much fuel; those that are speeding; the ability to show the amount of time spent on duty; those vehicle that are driving or in need of a required break and more. All of this information aids in dispatching, training and maintenance for fleets.

Increasingly, now more than ever, fleets are using data, such as telematics, to better manage their operations so as to find opportunities for increasing their return on investment and to find better efficiencies within the operational aspects of their organization.

For example, if a truck is idling much more than a normal truck, that will decrease the amount of time between preventive maintenance requirements. If the fleet is able to identify excess idle time of the engine, then they can save money. If the fleet is able to identify speeding events, hard-braking or other behavioral patterns, it can improve safety and eliminate excess wear and tear on the trucks.

“Telematics has become imperative to the safe and reliable operation of any fleet. Our new telematics function provides fleets with deep intelligence into their operations, and offers ways to use this data to improve performance, increase efficiencies, and control costs. This is yet another addition to our robust, fully integrated mobile app, and an example of how we continue to advance and ensure fleets can access every component they need to safely manage their operation from the palm of their hands. The Gorilla Safety app is truly transforming the way fleets operate since technology is streamlining every sense of today’s operation and helping move this traditionally paper-laden industry into the digital age of efficiency and performance,” explained Gorilla Safety co-founder and chief executive officer Mark Walton.


About Gorilla Safety
Launched at the onset of 2016 and founded in 2013 by two seasoned insurance industry professionals, Houston-based provides the transportation industry with a patented, affordable cloud-based software solution that automates every aspect of fleet and safety management. Gorilla Safety brings to the marketplace the first and only easy-to-use mobile app that fully integrates all the capabilities necessary for safely and efficiently managing large short-haul and long-haul vehicle fleets. The Company’s state-of-the-art solution is helping fleets more quickly and easily adapt to mandated Electronic Logging Device (ELD) regulatory requirements. The Gorilla Safety app boasts many features that allow users to better manage their business, improve productivity, increase profitability and lower insurance claims and premiums – all done quickly and simply from the palm of their hands.

For more information, visit www.gorillasafety.com, go to the Gorilla Safety Facebook page or follow the Company on Twitter @Gorilla_Safety and LinkedIn.

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