There’s more to winning business awards than just being a successful entrepreneur or a respected CEO. Awards preparation is an art form that few have mastered.

PAIRELATIONS, LLC founder Susan Turkell Lewis has built a practice based on identifying, crafting and submitting awards on behalf of clients, ranging from entrepreneurs and CEOs to startups and large corporations. With a proven track record for earning significant wins on behalf of its clients, PAIRELATIONS is well versed in the vast opportunities that exist nationally, regionally and locally throughout the country, spanning programs focused on business, people, industry and functional areas within corporations.

For the past 20 years, PAIRELATIONS has helped clients earn accolades across a range of prestigious programs, including Ernst & Young’s Entrepreneur of the Year Awards, The Stevie Awards’ programs such as American Business Awards, International Business Awards and Women in Business Awards; Bestinbiz and bestinbiz International, CEO WORLD awards, Goldenbridge awards, Tech America, alumni awards and many more.

Whether you are seeking recognition for yourself, your employees, your company or your new enterprise, look no further than PAIRELATIONS’ years of expertise to help hone the best programs and categories that coincide with your individual goals, objectives and story. PAIRELATIONS helps to uncover the real winning stories and delivers them in riveting submissions that are known to capture judges’ eyes.

Over the years, PAIRELATIONS has helped its clients earn hundreds of wins, including multiple Grand Stevie Awards – those companies with the most wins in a given program – from the American Business Awards and International Business Awards.

PAIRELATIONS helps clients identify appropriate awards programs to consider and enter. Then, we prepare all awards submissions and handle the entire application process, too.

Contact us to see where we think you should be nominated and start earning the recognition you deserve.



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