Manufacturer-licensed Data Automatically Accessed and Updated via the Cloud; Eliminates Need to Perform Software Updates and Upgrades 

New Service to be Showcased at NACE Automechanika Chicago

COMMACK, N.Y … May 16, 2017 … Autologic Diagnostics, a worldwide provider of the first cloud-based, vehicle-connected aftermarket automotive diagnostic solution, announced today the release of its new solution, AssistConnect.

AssistConnect is a revolutionary and centralized web-based system that provides automotive repair shops and technicians direct access to the latest approved, licensed vehicle manufacturer data immediately via Autologic’s secure cloud server. Customers are able to access the cloud server through their AssistPlus scan tool device.

AssistConnect is the only service that provides instantaneous access to multiple vehicle manufacturers’ licensed data without requiring multiple downloads. With AssistConnect, there is no longer a need to perform software or data updates or upgrades. Since AssistConnect is cloud-based, Autologic automatically manages the update process so that customers are always assured they have the most up-to-date data with this service.

Additionally, connecting to the cloud provides direct connection to the Autologic Fault2Fix team of nearly 100 master technicians. Similar to all other Autologic solutions, users of AssistConnect gain direct access to the Company’s award-winning Fault2Fix team of master technicians via a dedicated live support website, mobile app or phone line.

AssistConnect uses Autologic’s Communication Interface (ACI), allowing customers to connect the vehicles on which they are working directly to Autologic’s cloud solution. Data is stored in the centralized Autologic Dynamic eXchange (ADX) database, which provides instantaneous, multi-user access to services and solutions that can be shared in real-time. This dynamically enables the movement of work across teams as well as easy management of myriad resources in the workshop repair realm. Once the virtual, dealer-trained master technician expertise from Autologic is accessed and applied to repairs as needed, the shop can fix vehicles properly and efficiently, thereby reaping a very high fix rate. View infographic revealing how AssistConnect works here.


AssistConnect is launching initially through a license agreement with Volvo in North America and Europe. View the specific list of data availability by country through AssistConnect here.

AssistConnect also draws on an extensive online knowledge base of step-by-step guides to diagnosing and repairing vehicles that has been written by technicians, for technicians – and puts this detail directly into the hands of repair shops and technicians while they are working on vehicles.

A video demonstrating the power of the new AssistConnect system can be viewed by clicking here.

Autologic also announced that current customers using its AssistPlus (device) will have an opportunity to experience AssistConnect on a complimentary trial basis for 30 days. Current AssistPlus customers can inquire here.

“AssistConnect is yet another powerful way Autologic demonstrates its capabilities in bringing a complete fault-to-fix solution to the global marketplace. We are once again staying ahead with our advancements by further leveraging the benefits of the cloud to streamline automotive diagnostics and repairs cost-effectively, through our newest solution,” explained Jeremy Fry, Autologic chief executive officer.

“This novel, cloud-based approach to automotive diagnostics and repairs allows for the processing of diagnostic data faster than any offline tool. Since AssistConnect renders vehicle manufacturer data into an accurate, actionable diagnosis, it affords users the information necessary for servicing, maintaining and fixing vehicles more proficiently and safely. AssistConnect complements our suite of diagnostic solution options, including our AssistPlus, our diagnostic device, and the flexible AssistFix program, offering the easy purchase of access to our Fault2Fix team. Customers can now find faults faster, repair vehicles even more quickly while improving productivity and efficiency in their shops,” Fry noted.

The safe and secure access provided by AssistConnect directly addresses industrywide concerns relating to data security, retrieval of accurate OEM information and consumer safety, all of which has come to light with the arrival of the connected car. This is another key benefit to using AssistConnect at the shop level.

Autologic will be hosting live, ongoing demonstrations of AssistConnect in action during NACE Automechanika Chicago, one of the industry’s largest trade shows. The Company will also host an event for the media in attendance on Wednesday, July 26 at 2 PM on the main Media Stage. To register to attend the Autologic AssistConnect media event, please email

Autologic is recognized industrywide for its Autologic Assist solution that spans a suite of capabilities that uses state-of-the-art technology to combine extensive online third-party vehicle data resources and a superior diagnostic (AssistPlus) device with real-time access to the Company’s Fault2Fix team, who provide vehicle diagnostic support globally. Assist simultaneously integrates this expert knowledge and service, innovative software, and a multi-faceted touch screen device — helping ensure vehicle issues are diagnosed correctly the first time. Assist supports European models, including Audi, BMW, Jaguar, Land Rover, Mercedes-Benz, MINI, Volkswagen, and Volvo, across more than 120 countries. The Autologic Fault2Fix team offers repair support and advice for fix solutions to thousands of Autologic customers from three major Vehicle Diagnostic Support centers: United States, United Kingdom and Australia.


About Autologic
Founded in 1999, Autologic Diagnostics, based in the U.K. and the U.S., is a worldwide provider of the first fully integrated, cloud-connected aftermarket automotive diagnostic system, Autologic Assist, which helps workshops quickly identify faults in vehicles and repair cars faster. This “fault-to-fix, fast” approach quickly and correctly identifies vehicle problems the first time with fewer dealership referrals resulting in improved productivity, increased financial benefit, and enhanced customer satisfaction.

Founded in 1999, Autologic was the first company to bring to market a diagnostic support system like Assist, that joins — on a multi-functional device with one screen — online data resources and superior diagnostic tools together with real-time access to a team of expert technicians around the globe. Autologic Assist specifically diagnoses Audi, BMW, Jaguar, Land Rover, Mercedes-Benz, MINI, Volkswagen, and Volvo vehicles, among the world’s most complex vehicles.

From Assist Centers in the United States, United Kingdom, and Australia, the Company serves more than 8,000 customers spanning 120+ countries. From the more than 300,000 cases submitted by customers in the past 12 months, Autologic’s 100+ Assist technicians providing support worldwide identified in excess of 50,000 fault codes, supported more than 1,200 different automobile models, and successfully fixed 97.5% of all cases submitted.

For more information, visit, or follow the Company on Facebook, Twitter @autologicassist and LinkedIn.



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